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Jacobs Development, a Dutch web development agency, is known for its expertise in creating unique, user-friendly, and effective websites. One of their successful projects is, a personal website for Arnold Steenbeek, a sales management expert, bestselling author, and director of Heart Selling.

Project Overview is a platform that showcases Arnold Steenbeek's expertise in sales management and Heart Selling. The website provides information about Arnold, his books, and his approach to sales management. It also serves as a platform for Arnold to connect with his audience and share his insights and knowledge.


The main objective was to create a website that effectively communicates Arnold's expertise and offerings. The website needed to be professional, easy to navigate, and engaging, reflecting Arnold's personality and approach to sales management.

Strategy & Execution

Jacobs Development approached this project with a focus on creating a website that is both informative and engaging. They designed the website to be user-friendly, with clear navigation and a clean, professional design.

The website features a detailed overview of Arnold's expertise, his approach to sales management, and his books. It also includes testimonials from clients and colleagues, reinforcing Arnold's credibility and expertise.

To make the website engaging, Jacobs Development incorporated elements of Arnold's personality into the design. The website reflects Arnold's approach to sales management, with a focus on "Heart Selling" and building relationships.


The website has been successful in achieving its objectives. It effectively communicates Arnold's expertise and offerings, and provides a platform for him to connect with his audience. The website's professional design and user-friendly navigation have been well-received by visitors, contributing to a positive user experience.


The website is a testament to Jacobs Development's expertise in creating unique, user-friendly, and effective websites. By focusing on the user experience and aligning the design with the client's personality and approach, they were able to deliver a website that effectively serves the needs of Arnold Steenbeek and his audience.

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