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Since 2017, we have been developing digital experiences and innovative video games for companies and individuals across the globe.

 As an independent and vibrant game studio based in The Netherlands, we make ideas work smoothly.

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Tappy Toad

Tappy Toad is a casual mobile game developed for simple works studios. Players try to beat their high score by hopping from lily-pad to lily-pad as a toad. The artstyle was made entirely in 2D but rendered in a 3D engine giving a sense of depth to the player.

Platformer Bits

Platformer Bits is a mobile game full-cycle developed by Jacobs Development. Players try to reach the end of over 120 hand made platforming levels. The game uses a simple artsyle so players can focus more on the platforming challenges.

The Island

"The Island" is a simulated island were users can relax and escape a busy day in an amazing VR environment. Interested in testing? A demo is available.

We deliver high quality. Using custom made graphics, music, and code.


Jacobs Development makes responsive games for mobile and desktop
Mobile game development.
Perfect for companies and individuals who want a 2D or 3D mobile game or experience.
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We develop games for desktop devices with custom art and music.
Desktop game development.
Perfect for companies and individuals who want a more complicated game for desktop and console devices.
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Jacobs Development is your one stop game development company. We offer full-cycle game development for companies and individuals.
Prototyping and Concept design.
For companies and individuals who want a 2D or 3D prototype of their game idea.
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Our dynamic team offers you a one-stop game development base.

We are always on the lookout for state-of-the-art, trailblazing ideas, we stand ready to create your game. But that’s not all: we handle a multi-faceted video game arena in a host of fields, including art, music, level design, animations, coding, version controls, as well as rollout to release. Our services provide positive and proven results for both new and existing projects.


How long have you been searching for a suitable partner in gaming? Jacobs Development is at your service and we’re glad you’ve discovered us!

With years of tech and gaming experience and a huge number of finished projects, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. Alluring games and stunning digital experiences made by us are produced entirely in-house by our dedicated team of graphic artists, programmers, and level designers. By developing every game from scratch, together with our clients, we assure high quality and profitable results. We focus primarily on team projects with individuals and small to medium enterprises, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more info regarding our gaming development services.


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Let's connect! Tell us more about your project or idea. We're always in for a quick call and available via email.
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Brainstorming & Project scope
We believe in ideas, and great communication to convey these ideas. We will discuss your project in more details and start drafting out a proposal including a GDD (game design document).


Project Kickoff!
You accepted our proposal and we will now continue with project kickoff. By giving you weekly updates regarding development you will have a clear understanding of the project completion date and current progress.
Your Property

Need to modernize an existing project, add updated content, or rework your project from a fresh angle?

Feel free to contact us to arrange all that for you. Our knowledge of all current techniques in the game industry (including Unity, Unreal Engine, and Buildbox) eminently qualifies us to assist you in maintaining and updating your own pet projects and captivating video games. Maintenance by time schedule can also be arranged.

Need a team that can update & maintain your game(s)?

1. Updating using the latest  technologies.
We easily update games built through the most popular engines, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, and Buildbox.
2. No monthly fees.
We work on a fixed-price basis for every project.
3. Daily communications.
You can arrange to be updated daily by communicating with your project manager.

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About us

We comprise a solid team of 6 experienced game developers, so we’re more than ready to develop, support, fix, or update the game that suits your needs.

  • 1
    Full-Cycle game development.
  • 2
    Ongoing support/maintainance for existing games.
  • 3
    Graphical Asset Creation (3D/2D).
  • 4
    Updating and modernizing of existing projects.
Optional daily contact and post-project follow up.
100% in-house development.
We work honestly and with transparency.
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