Why Jacobs Development?

Choose Success with Us

Outperform Your Competition

We craft websites that excel in both looks and performance, delivering on your objectives. With modern infrastructure, our sites load faster, look better, and outperform your competition, driving results for your company.

GDPR Compliant

Operating from the EU, Jacobs Development ensures GDPR compliance for all developed sites, prioritising privacy for your visitors. This not only boosts your site's ranking but also enhances consumer trust.

Your Property

We prioritise our clients' ownership by ensuring that everything we develop for your company belongs to you. Our commitment extends to creating sites and applications that are easily maintainable by your business.

How long does it take to develop a custom website?

This depends on project scale and complexity. We usually build our websites within 2 weeks. For the development of more complex projects with custom logic, like an internal dashboard, we usually take up to 3 months.

We work together with our internal team on small to medium sized projects, for bigger projects we work together with our network of Netherlands based freelance developers. Either way, we always ensure the best quality of work, without the hassle of managing your own project.

What are the costs of developing a website?

This depends on the website and project scale, please see our pricelist below for more details:

Website (1 page): Starting at €595
Additional page: €75
Website Design (5 pages): €850

For more details please feel free to request a free quote for your project.

Do you also publish websites?

Yes, we can publish your finished site for you. We publish your site using our own hosting platform, running in the Netherlands. Your site will be published on Wordpress with Worldclass hosting. We also make sure your site is visible to Google and other search engines.

  • Hosting in the Netherlands, worldwide site reachability.

  • SEO Optimised

  • Based on Wordpress

  • Frontend editor

What technologies do you use?

For the development of website we use Webflow this platform allows to fully create custom websites without using templates, this does not only mean better search engine rankings, but also a website that conveys your companies image perfectly.

For the development of custom Web Applications we use a combination of Webflow, Memberstack, and Java/HTML/CSS.

We specialise in developing stunning websites for businesses, individuals, and organisations of all sizes while ensuring that the design perfectly aligns with your brand's vision.

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