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We're your one-stop game development studio.

 Art, music, level design, animations, coding, version controls, and rollout to release all done by us.
Want to have a game developed for yourself or your company? Seems like an impossible task, you need to contact all these different companies; animation studios, freelance programmers, publishers, art teams, and server farms. Luckily we're the solution! We offer full-cycle custom game development, we do everything in-house with our people, so you only need to contact one company, us.
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Digmus is a digital museum where art enthusiasts can look at their favorite artists work in a high-quality digital environment.

Clean The Room

Clean The Room is 1 of 5 prototypes developed for My Path Media. The game's goal is to clean rooms with a robot vacuum machine while avoiding collisions, players can collect cash to later upgrade their vacuum.

Parcel Delivery Simulator

In Parcel Delivery Simulator players control a truck and must deliver a number of packages to randomly generated addresses. But don't underestimate the difficulty! Cars drive from both ways on the road, and trees, bins, and tires might appear on the road as well.

We deliver high quality. Using custom made graphics, music, and code.

Jeffrey Rahman

Lead Programmer

Is a c# programmer and has great knowledge about unity and unreal 4.

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Dan Green

Game Developer

Dan Green is our Head Mobile Games developer. He has a great amount of knowledge of unity and affinity designer.

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Lydia Larson

Customer Relations

Does all the customer relations and social media marketing for Jacobs development.

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Dylon Nielson

Digital Artist

Is our main 3d and 2d artist and is specialized in low poly 3d artwork.

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Martin Snyder


A true freelancer that can work on almost anything we need.

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