Full-Cycle Game Development.

We can create your video game.

 From start to finish for a one-time price.

Jacobs Development

We're your one-stop game development studio.

 Art, music, level design, animations, coding, version controls, and rollout to release all done by us.
Our solution
Want to have a game developed for yourself or your company? Seems like an impossible task, you need to contact all these different companies; animation studios, freelance programmers, publishers, art teams, and server farms. Luckily we're the solution! We offer full-cycle custom game development, we do everything in-house with our people, so you only need to contact one company, us.
This game is full developed by Jacobs Development, including art, programming, and level design.
Full-Cycle game development.

The Steps.

Custom full-cycle game development is done in 3 steps. Starting with game design; we will make a first prototype and concept art for your project. Step 2 of the game development process will be the programming of the game, we will do this using Unity, Unreal engine, Godot, or Buildbox 3D depending on what works best with the architecture of your game. The final step will be art production and implantation, we will make the art, assets, and UI for your game and implement it into the project. A number of additional steps can be added to your project depending on your needs, for instance we can also publish and advertise your game as final step.
  • From Start To finish
  • Custom art, music and code.
  • Version Controls and rollout to release.


Game Design.
-Pre-production analysis
-Game concepts
-Game scenarios and balance


Game Programming.
-Unity 3D development
-Unreal Engine Development
-Buildbox 3D mobile Develoment
-godot Development
-Cross-platform development
-Server Architecture


Art production.
-3D modeling
-2D art
-Graphic & UI Design
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1. Your game idea.
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2. Contact and consultation.
We reply back within 24 hours, with more info and consultation.
3. Quotation and getting started.
After discussing your project in more detail, we will send you an obligation free quote.

Why full-cycle game development?

Full-Cycle game development is a solution for companies and individuals. We do everything for a fixed price, Art, music, level design, animations, coding, version controls, and rollout to release. So you only have to deal with one company for development: us, this makes everything so much easier, from management to finance and milestones.

Full-Cycle Game Development:

What we offer

Support via phone, whatsapp and mail.
Game Development from start to finish.
3D development.
2D development.
VR development.
Custom art.
Custom music.
Custom code using c# and java.
Unlimited revisions.
Rolout to release.
Post publishing support.
Free bug fixes.
Development for mobile.
Development for PC.
Need More Info?

Common Questions

If I want to develop a game what information do I need to give?
When interested in developing a game with us it's important to give us as much information about your project as possible. This way we can help you the best, of course, we value your creativity so we won't use your game idea in any way or form without your consent.
How long does it take to develop a game?
Game development time depends on the project size and complication. For simple mobile games you can count on about 3 to 7 weeks of development, but for bigger 3d open world games it can take up to 2 years to fully develop it.
How do I change my game?
After your game is completed you will receive the source code, you can use this to edit the game in unity or unreal engine (depending on what engine the game is made). Of course, we can also update the game for you.
Do I own my game?
Yes, after we delivered the game you own it 100% and you can do whatever you want with it, you can also change the game itself.

You own what you pay for.

If we develop a game for you, it's always your property, you can use your game for whatever you want. We value your creativity, we won't use your game idea without your consent and/or your approval. If there are other legal issues that need to be clearly established, we offer contracts made by top notch lawyers.
  • Your property.
  • Full freedom.
  • Clear contracts if needed.
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