This is how gaming changed tremendously over the past decade

Gaming has changed a lot lately, but do you know how much? Read that here.

This is how gaming changed tremendously over the past decade.

Through the years, we have been encountering some of the biggest changes in the gaming industry yet. There are lots of companies that have been applying new methods to make their games much more accessible and user-friendly. Thanks to the continuous flow of ideas from these companies, we can now improve our gaming experiences in ways we might have never expected to before.

10. Say Goodbye to Spilt Screens

Admittedly, split-screens aren’t the most comfortable way to play games with your buddies. Although split-screens are still present, there are also games that have been considering removing them completely. We aren’t too sure what this means for the future of gaming. But if they’re thinking of taking this down forever, there might be more exciting things in store for us.

9. The Rise of Free to Play

The increase of people taking interest on games has increased, but only so little look towards truly investing in it which isn’t the best for the developers. Now, most games have been offering their games free-to-play or pay. There are better perks to paying but playing free doesn’t feel too restricted either!

8. Purchasing Digitally

At some time, the easiest way to get a copy of a game was by looking through physical stores. You would have to purchase a disk to play it on your computer. This led to the development of digital storefronts which is an easier way to purchase games without having to find a disk or owning a console.

7. Games Through Media

If you want to get the latest scope on games, you don’t have to wait for monthly magazines to give you the updates you need. In recent times, there are now game media outlets that focus solely on the news on games. Rather than the usual text-based news, they provide videos and audio as well.

6. Storytelling

One thing that improve game quality is the story. There have been games with great storylines turned into films and the like, but this used to be a rare find. Compared to the past, storytelling in games has improved tremendously and in very impressive ways too.

5. Getting First Dibs

Game retailers have been encouraging players to pre-order from them in order to get certain perks and DLCs. This may not seem like an issue for casual gamers, but there are lots of people out there who want to get the complete experience of a game.

“There have been games with great storylines turned into films and the like, but this used to be a rare find.”

4. Rise of eSports

As MOBA games have been becoming more popular, it paved the way for eSports to take bigger steps as well. Over the past decade, more people have been taking an interest for eSports. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it rises much more in the next decade!

Esports are a big part of gaming today.

3. Streaming Platforms

If there’s one thing that still feels unreal, it’s the fact that people stream themselves playing games as a business. Although this is a great way to get insights on games from people who have just as must passion as you do.

2. Indie Games

Graphic quality is something a lot of people look for in a game, which requires a big budget to make. However, indie creators have been making use of simple gameplays with unique storylines and concepts that would be hard for people to forget.

1. Transition to Mobile

Surely, almost everyone owns a smartphone now. This is what led to the increase of games available in these phones as well. And no, it’s not just your simple snake game anymore.

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