Different roles of game development

Did you know that there are many different roles to do with game development? Read here which ones exactly.

The Game Designer.

To start off, a game wouldn’t be what it is now without having structure. The game designer is in charge of creating the processes, graphics and roles involved in the game. Basically, they are the ones who plan out how the game is supposed to turn out. From gameplay to characters and plots.

The Game Artist.

As what you would expect, the game artist is responsible for conceptualizing and creating the art of the game both in 2D and 3D. They work on the visuals that will be presented such as color schemes, shadows, views and much more to achieve the right vibe for the game.

The Programmer.

Those who handle the logic needed to make the game functional are the programmers, who are also usually know to be the game developers quite literally. They are in charge of putting together the resources and ideas of the rest of the team to create the flow of the game through coding.

The programmer is an important part of game development.

The Level Designer.

Similar to the game designer, a level designer is in charge of creating different levels for the game. They are the ones behind the complicated challenges, and they are also the people who know exactly what to do to overcome these obstacles.

“Similar to the game designer, a level designer is in charge of creating different levels for the game.”

The Sound Engineer.

A good game includes great audio tracks, which is what the sound engineer deals with. They handle any of the sound effects involved in the game as well as the programming behind it –whether it’s a simple knocking sound, a narration or the background music.

The Game Tester.

Lastly, to make sure the game is ready to be shared, there’s the game tester. They are the people who determine the quality of the game in terms of flow, graphics and the like. While this sounds like an easy job, it takes a lot of skill to detect even the smallest issues in a game as well as identify what changes should be made or can be made in order to make it better and more effective.

The final role of game development is the game tester.

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