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The Challenge

Nestegg, an innovative fintech startup based in The Netherlands, specializes in providing funding solutions for homeowners in exchange for equity. Edgar Kooter, the CEO of Nestegg, enlisted the expertise of Jacobs Development to address two pivotal challenges facing the company.

Initially, Nestegg sought to establish a robust online presence to attract homeowners interested in unlocking the equity in their properties. With the goal of generating high-quality leads, Jacobs Development was tasked with developing a brand-new website that effectively showcased Nestegg's unique value proposition and streamlined the lead generation process.

Subsequently, recognizing the need to enhance investor engagement and streamline operational processes, Nestegg entrusted Jacobs Development with the design and full development of a sophisticated dashboard environment for investors. The primary objective of this dashboard was to provide investors with a seamless platform to purchase certificates (investments) in the available pool of houses. Additionally, the dashboard aimed to digitize the onboarding process for new investors by integrating a secure authentication provider, ensuring a seamless and secure experience from registration to investment.

The Process: Website

Prior to enlisting the expertise of Jacobs Development, Nestegg lacked a coherent online presence and brand identity beyond their logo and typeface. Leveraging these existing branding elements as a foundation, we embarked on crafting a new website for Nestegg using the versatile Webflow platform.

By harnessing the flexibility of Webflow, we ensured that the website design could easily evolve over time to accommodate Nestegg's growing needs. This approach, akin to the intuitive design process of Figma, empowered Edgar and his team to seamlessly add new pages and adapt the website's layout as necessary.

Nestegg Website Design within Webflow

To further enhance functionality and streamline content management, we implemented a robust CMS system within Webflow. This enabled Nestegg's content writer to effortlessly create and publish blog posts directly within the Webflow CMS, facilitating timely content updates and engagement with the target audience.

Moreover, leveraging Webflow's capabilities, we seamlessly integrated the website with the Slater backend. This integration facilitated the creation of a custom form onboarding system tailored specifically for homeowners. By leveraging API connections from the Dutch Kadaster register, we devised a streamlined process for calculating the estimated house worth of homeowners. This innovative approach empowered Nestegg to provide homeowners with instant insights into the value of their properties, facilitating informed decision-making regarding potential investments.

Nestegg House Worth Calculator, link:

The Process: Custom Dashboard

An integral aspect of this project involved the development of a bespoke dashboard tailored for investors, providing them with convenient access to their investments and the ability to allocate new funds within the Nestegg Investor program. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted the dashboard's frontend and design using the versatile capabilities of Webflow.

To ensure seamless user validation and authentication, we seamlessly integrated the dashboard with Memberstack. This integration not only facilitated easy access for investors but also streamlined the authentication process. Utilizing the data-ms-member attributes within Webflow, we populated the dashboard with non-sensitive investor and investment information, ensuring a user-friendly experience while safeguarding privacy.

Nestegg Investor Dashboard - Were investors can safely upload sensitive documents to Nestegg directly.

Recognizing the need to safeguard sensitive investor information, such as bank statements, we implemented robust security measures. Sensitive data was marked and encrypted, then stored on a separate server with two-factor authentication. To further enhance security, encrypted keys were utilized for the transmission of sensitive information to the Webflow dashboard.

Additionally, we streamlined the onboarding process for new investors, eliminating the need for cumbersome PDF forms. Leveraging custom Memberstack attributes, we facilitated the storage of pertinent information, enabling the automatic generation of signable contracts using Slater and the Google Docs API. This innovative approach significantly expedited the onboarding process for investors, enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative burdens for Nestegg.

Nestegg Investor Onboarding Form, using Memberstack authentication.

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